We're devoted to spreading the lights of compassion, kindness, tolerance and acceptance. We promote these virtues by encouraging the kind of self-awareness that comes from being in tune with yourself and with others. 

Starwavez: Cosmic Ocean is all about good vibes and being aware of your own innate energy and the energy we receive from others and from the universe. By doing so, a level of self-awareness will ensue. We'll be rolling out each sign's offerings. There are 12 of them in all you know! As we do, the homepage will reflect each featured sign's theme and corresponding constellation. 

Light pollution is keeping us away from our true essence -- to look up at the stars with wonder, awe and inspiration!

It all started in the sky. We're all made up of the stardust in the cosmic sands. The oceans are a reminder of the vastness of the sky and what's beyond. We've discovered only a fraction of all of the living things in the world's oceans and in the vast universe. Starwavez reminds us that the sky is akin to the sea. Take each on with a sense of wandering and adventure. Still waters run deep and the calm, wild oceans are the origins of life on Earth. We are the sea. We are water. 

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